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"There are many great aspects to this project. Jim has extremely strong knowledge about engineering-side pool construction. Jim ensured a well-communicated, smooth and timely building process, his design is truly beautiful, even more impressive considering his deep engineering knowledge. Jim definitely put his best effort on this pool, he checked in almost everyday during construction, gave multiple updates throughout the day at important steps. Another big thumbs-up to most of Jim’s partners: these sub-contractors are awesome! They worked hard and fast while minimizing expected messes; We owe our backyard haven to Jim's experienced design, aesthetic, and practical recommendations - he's a rare breed of expert whose professionalism is apparent from his communication, knowledge, accountability, and high standards."
Friends… Recently I employed the services of James Burkhart of Pools Plus. James provided outstanding services while he worked on my broken FastLane swim system. We replaced the power unit and got it working. Now I am back swimming and I am thoroughly enjoying the same. He also performed much needed service call on my PCC 2000 cleaning system that was in disrepair. Now my pool is clean again every day. James kept his word on getting the work done on schedule and to my satisfaction.
Description of work: We replaced the complete power unit on Endless Pools Fastlane Swim System, 10-year-old competitor pool. No return calls from builder or any other service companies. Small pool and spa PCC 2000, Pebble sheen Interior Finish, and screen room. We diagnosed and repaired his Paramount PCC 2000 in-floor cleaning system during one of our visits.
Vijay Damle
"All in, with record rainfall in 2021, they kept the project on track as best as possible. Project manager was readily accessible, kept us informed, and arrived promptly at scheduled meetings. Our pool is the gem of our yard. Weather permitting, we’re in the pool every day. Can’t thank Pools Plus enough for making our backyard feel like a resort!"
B. Beadles
We're over the moon with our pool, patio extension, and storage structure with Pools Plus (Jim Burkhart), it’s been our best experience with a contractor. There are many great aspects to this project, and here are a few things that we value the most. Jim has extremely strong knowledge about engineering-side pool construction. From pool drainage systems, in-floor cleaning systems, flow control systems, all the way to wireless app control. As first-time pool owners, we are lucky to have Jim explain everything about the pool to us multiple times throughout the process. He also provided the designs and timelines that fit perfectly to our budget and expectations. As we iterated 10+ times on the design over a short timeframe, Jim ensured a well-communicated, smooth and timely building process, his design is truly beautiful, even more impressive considering his deep engineering knowledge. We had a tropical storm at the beginning of the project, followed by extremely hot weather for a month. Jim definitely put his best effort on this pool, he checked in almost every day during construction, gave multiple updates throughout the day at important steps. He went above and beyond with our drainage and built an extra thick pad for the pool equipment. Jim didn’t sacrifice anything for the best quality of the pool that Pools Plus can offer. Another big thumbs-up to most of Jim’s partners: these sub-contractors are awesome! They worked hard and fast while minimizing expected messes; Jim is frequently on-site QC-ing nearly every aspect of the build, and any requests/corrections are promptly actioned. We owe our backyard haven to Jim's experienced design, aesthetic, and practical recommendations - he's a rare breed of expert whose professionalism is apparent from his communication, knowledge, accountability, and high standards.
Description of work: New pool with spa, PCC 2000, Indigo Blue Interior Finish, pool cabana, patio cover extension with stucco columns
We love our pool created by Pools Plus – from the design of our Ultimate Spa and Pool to the great pool equipment that keeps our system running great. Friends and family love coming over and enjoying our pool whether it is for an evening in the hot tub or a Polar Bear plunge in the winter. Thank you Pools Plus for doing a great job.
Description of work: New pool with PCC 2000, Ultimate Spa and Wet Edge Aqua, Patio cover and large outdoor kitchen.
Donnie Myers
Thank you Jim for a fabulous pool building experience! And thank you to all the crews that worked on it! I have heard stories from friends who signed with other pool builders, and things did not go well, (example: delays, leaks, unexpected costs, poor workmanship) but we had none of those! We met Jim years back through kids, sitting in bleachers, watching basketball games, and listening to his stories about pool building. He has a ton of experience going back decades, both here and Arizona. He knows what works and what doesn’t. When we finally decided to build a pool, even though we were pretty sure we’d sign with Jim, we did our due diligence and interviewed 3 other pool builders, all of whom came highly recommended. One of the most striking differences right from the start was how quickly we could meet with Jim, and how quickly we could get a quote. He met with us within a couple days, and we had a quote by the end of our 2-3 hour meeting. With the others, we had to wait weeks to meet with them, and there were multiple meetings. For some, we had to meet at their store. After the first or second meetings, we sometimes waited a month to get a quote. The information in the quotes was often vague and left us feeling that we were vulnerable to additional costs along the way, or feeling unsure of what grade of materials we were getting. As both of us are engineers by training, we looked at the costs/risks/benefits and decided to sign with Jim. His price was in line with the other, and we felt comfortable we were not going to be surprised with additional costs along the way. They dug January 10 and we were jumping in the pool February 28. Seven weeks to the day, just like they stated in the contract! We had a fair bit of rain in January and February, but they were able to schedule and work around it. The workmanship and attention to detail was tremendous. I think Jim knows who the best in the business are, and only lets those work on his pools. The only surprises along the way were the speed at which everything came together, and the extras that were thrown in. It is obvious he takes a lot of pride in the pools that Pools Plus builds. It’s been 6 months since we jumped in. All the other little stuff got completed, such as deck finish and pool school, even as things were shutting down due to Covid 19. Along the way, a few things broke, or didn’t work as designed. Those all got fixed or quickly replaced at no charge. I waited to write this review so I could include information on follow up service from Pools Plus, and this has been outstanding also. The pool looks amazing. We have the in-floor cleaning system, ozone system, and UV system. The pool stays really clean, which is very important to us. I am so grateful we had a wonderful pool building experience, and have such a beautiful pool to enjoy this summer. Again, thank you!
Description of work: New pool with spa, PCC 2000, Ultimate Spa and Wet Edge Brilliant Blue
Donna Pipe
I’ve owned several homes with pools, but this is the first pool I’ve had built. I would like to say it was all rainbows and butterflies, but there were some hiccups along the way (as with all large projects). However, Jim (owner) and Chad (foreman) did their best to work through the issues, and the final product is awesome. From the first day I called Pools Plus, Jim was accessible and responsive to my questions and requests. This was very important as I was working out of town for most of the construction phase. Jim is very knowledgeable on pool design and code requirements and makes sure he exceeds safety and design standards. We use the pool almost every day and have invited many friends over to enjoy it with us. They all say how amazing it is. We have a resort in our backyard and Pools Plus made it possible. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jim and Chad. If I ever need to build another pool in the Houston area, Pools Plus will be my first call.
Description of work: New Pool with spa, Ultimate Spa, Large Rock waterfall and Fire Pit
Jason White
Let's be honest, building a pool is never a smooth experience. That being said, there are several pool builders in Houston that will build you a great pool but few will stick by you through the thick and thin of the experience. Pools plus not only built us the most amazing beautiful pool but also helped keep us on schedule and within our budget. We honestly can't say enough good things about Jim and his team! From the beginning they worked with us to design a pool that was beyond our expectation. Not only did they build us the pool of our dreams but they also helped us find a way to finance it. We researched several pool companies when we decided to make this investment and we are very glad we went with Pools Plus. If you want a company that will design and create the pool of your dreams, choose them....you will not be disappointed. Check out the link below to watch the timelapse video of our build! Thank you again Pools Plus!
Description of work: New Pool, large rock waterfall,
Renee Stubbins
Great work. We have a beautiful pool and their after-sales service is great. They know their products, how to repair and maintain them. I live in Victoria and choose Jim over all others.
Description of work: New Pool, PCC 2000
Ralph Smith
They built a beautiful pool in my backyard and has always been very responsive to after service request. Highly recommend.
Description of work: New pool with spa and PCC 2000. A great pool company
Suhyun An
The pool and patio are beautiful and of very high quality. Pools Plus did a great job in design and construction. Subcontractors are excellent.
Description of work: New pool and spa with large rock waterfall patio decking, and a fire pit
Mitchell Clayman
Pools Plus installed our pool in 2015 and the service and reliability continues to shine. They are helpful with information and quick to respond to our calls or emails. Anytime Pools Plus initiates a warranty claim, Pentair (pool equipment company) addresses the issue promptly. Not one nightmare experience! Our home flooded due to Harvey and Pools Plus cleaned up and restored the pool's finish as soon as they could get to our backyard. If only we could have lived in our pool after the flood! Our home was a disaster but the pool looked immaculate. I can't thank this honest, dependable company enough for the continued great customer service (even 3 years later).
Description of work: New pool with spa and Shade arbor, Pool restored after Hurricane Harvey
Nicole Sanders
8 or so months on from having our pool and patio built, we are thoroughly enjoying the summer with the fantastic pool and patio that we have in place - truly a backyard oasis. Everyone who has come to visit has commented how amazing our backyard is - and we couldn't agree more. Looking back on the build, we had a few challenges but all in all the pool construction was a good experience and Jason is a great project manager. Jose (Decks Plus) and his team did an amazing job with our covered patio: we had a special request to match the brick with that already on our house but this particular brick was discontinued. We tracked down the last remaining pallet of the brick and Jose worked with us to go collect the brick and keep on track with the build. All in all 39 days from start to finish of construction, with some bad weather thrown in, was truly impressive and we love the end result! One constructive criticism we have is re pool school: there was a lot of new equipment and instructions to take in. I think it would be good if pool school was conducted in 2 halves: a first session to introduce new pool owners to everything and then a follow up second session maybe a month later to answer any questions. We had to bother Jason a couple of times are we weren't sure about valve positions and spa draining into pool, etc. All in all a great experience working with Pools Plus and we have already recommended both Pools Plus and Decks Plus to many people.
Description of work: New Pool with spa, PCC 2000, Patio Cover, Fireplace and outdoor kitchen
Jennifer Reid
After researching numerous pool companies my wife and I decided to go with Pools Plus and we are SO glad we did. As with all construction jobs I was a bit anxious with how this project would go. That anxiety diminished after day one of the project start. Jim and Jason know exactly what they are doing. While nothing in life is perfect these guys made it as close to that as possible. Our backyard turned out amazing. And if you decide to do a grill/bar area (highly recommend), again you will not be disappointed. The teams they use for every area of the project are top notch! Do yourself a favor and stop looking elsewhere and just go with Pools Plus. You'll save yourself time, headache, and money.
Description of work: New Pool, PCC 2000 and Outdoor Kitchen and pool cabana/bar Area
Drew Nunnally
For us building a quality pool was an exciting, yet anxious process. This is the reason we chose to partner with Pools Plus to build our pool. Jim Burkhart came to our house on several occasions to discuss the design, water features, water technology, pool finishes, etc. He was thorough, he generated a 3D rendition of what our pool would look like and offered what I believe to be the best value for a pool. One of the key points in our decision-making process is that Mr. Burkhart understands the ins and outs of pool constructions and we wanted to be at ease with the entire process and he delivered. Construction started on October 23, 2017 and we had a beautiful pool the first week of December. We were informed throughout the phases of the construction process, and we felt they did a good job. Overall, we are satisfied with Pools Plus and are grateful with their help in giving us an awesome pool which I’m sure will have long lasting enjoyment for years to come!
Description of work: New Pool and spa PCC 2000
Ken Hargrove
I've previously reviewed Pools Plus to say how pleased I was with the initial pool building process. One of the reasons we choose them was their warranty, and I'm delighted to report that not only did they respond quickly with a recent warranty repair, they also introduced us to a firm we can use for weekly service. Here's what happened. One day earlier this winter the heater turned itself on. Luckily we were home and noticed, and turned it off. Then the next day it turned itself on again. Slightly spooked, we immediately contacted Pool Plus and they scheduled a warranty repair for us. Two working days later, the repairs were complete. Since the repair, we've used the heater several times in late winter, early Spring, and all has been well. Also, although we had been cleaning, brushing the pool ourselves, we learned the repair company services and cleans pools regularly, and is trained on our equipment. Great to know we have a trustworthy pool service available! I continue to be grateful we chose the folks at Pools Plus. We've just passed our one year anniversary --> the pool looks gorgeous and we use it as often as we can.
Description of work:Great warranty service
Robin Paoli
We had Pools Plus design and install our pool nearly 5 years ago in Fulshear - so thought I would add a follow up review. The initial design and installation went quickly and as promised - not like so many of you hear about contractors that take such a long time to complete. Now 5 years later - the pool is still performing as expected. We have had a few minor repairs but most were covered by warranties and nothing major. Our waterfall feature is such a major attraction as is our spa and beach entrance. We have had hours of fun with us and the kids and grandkids (and the dogs of course!). Thanks Pool Plus!!
Description of work: New Pool, PCC 2000, Large Grotto rock Waterfall, Endless Pools Fastlane
Ken Hargrove
They show up when they say they will. We had to do the pool in stages, depending on where we were on the overall home construction. When they worked, they were fast and neat. They cleaned up after each stage. They did what they said they'd do. The finished pool is beautiful. I would highly recommend them. Description of work: New Pool and Spa, PCC 2000
Hans Graff
Pools Plus is who you want for installation of an Endless Pool Fastlane. I have tried other swim jets, but they were all awful. I could not find anyone in Austin to install a system for me. Jim Burkhart brought the crew from Katy and installed in a couple of days. It is aesthetically pleasing and absolutely what I wanted. Great Job.
John Burkhardt
"We love our pool created by Pools Plus – from the design of our Spa and Pool to the great Pool Equipment that keeps our system running great. Friends and family love coming over and enjoying our pool whether it is for an evening in the hot tub or a Polar Bear plunge in the winter. Thank you Pools Plus for doing a great job."
D. Myers
The pool and spa turned out fantastic. Jim turned our concept sketches into a beautiful 3D rendering so that we could see what we would get. The construction crews were safe and left the job site (our home!) in good shape each night when they left. Our house is old, so we "found" our sewer line and a stray water line during our dig put Pools Plus just relocated them and kept on working. His Construction Manage helped us get through all of the hoops and hurdles on the permitting since we were closing out after Harvey and it was pretty crazy with the city at that time. There were a few things that we noticed that were not done right, but they were corrected - a sign of a great contractor.
Description of work: New Pool, Spa and PCC 2000
James Wiseman
Building a pool is a messy process, but Pools Plus minimized the mess and made it the best experience for us. We can't say enough how much we love our pool and how much it has changed our quality of family time while enjoying our beautiful pool and patio. Thanks again! We love it!!! Pools Plus built us our dream pool and transformed our backyard into our own personal oasis. It more than exceeded our expectation in the quality and service. We would definitely use Pools Plus again to build our next pool. We are in love with our backyard! Thank you Jim and Jason for delivering a beautiful pool and outdoor patio!
Description of work: New pool with Spa, PCC 2000, Patio Cover with Outdoor Kitchen and fireplace
Carolyn Turner
As we learned as first time pool builders, the process gets very messy - very fast. Initial frustrations stemmed from not understanding that things have to get worse before they get better. Although the process included different phases executed by different contract specialties, we were pleased with the professionalism of the finish products during the interim phases, and ultimately the final product. Looking back the sequencing of events didn't always make sense until after they had been completed. The message I am attempting to communicate is that building a pool and complete backyard takes time - multiple skilled workers with varying skills - enough contiguous days of good weather - patience - and trust. Pools Plus is a trusted company that delivered on there promises. I would use them again personally, and have recommended them to friends already. Wanted to put in a pool for some time. Researched about 4 companies. Pools Plus was a stand out from the start. Jim came over and during consultation designed our pool to our specifications. Once we got our financing in order, we chose Pools Plus to not only build our pool, but to do our entire backyard (including a patio, outdoor living room, and the corresponding landscaping). We decided to go with the larger "Ultimate" spa (including the additional features) as well as the upgraded interior finish and self cleaning system for both pool and spa. Very Pleased with the finished product. It has transformed our home into a family vacation in our backyard.
Description of work: New Pool and Spa, PCC 2000, Ultimate Spa and shade arbor
Kathryn Phillippi
The installation was done very professionally. The final product was absolutely beautiful. With the heater we could use almost year round and the spa we definitely used year round. The lighting effects matched the mood of the evening and could easily be changed with the remote control.
Description of work: New pool with spa, PCC 2000
John O'leary
We have known Jim Burkhart (owner) for many years. When we finally decided to build a pool, he was our first call. Jim is very personable and came to our home and walked us through the entire design, product and construction process. After a few visits, we decided on our design layout and features and shortly after began building our new pool. We received lots of great advice on which features, products and material selections. We met Jason, the construction manager and he kept us updated and informed the entire construction process. Both Jason and Jim have helped us tremendously through the construction and learning curve of owning a pool. We have enjoyed our pool nearly every day since building and recommend Pools Plus to anyone considering building a pool of their own.
Description of work: Pool with spa PCC 2000
Jamie Holiday
We were first time pool building clients and our scenario was complicated by having a relatively small yard in Houston. After copious research and talking with several Angie's List pool builders, we met Jim of Pools Plus. Jim undertook preliminary surveys to be sure the pool we wanted could be built in compliance with City of Houston and all other regulations. Jim also educated us on various aspects of pool building and functioning, and we became comfortable with believing he had the expertise to build the pool we wanted, and the reputation to build it well. We appreciate the various components that should help keep the pool clean, like the in-floor heads, the UV filter, etc. Once the design was approved and we were scheduled to begin, Jason the construction manager became our go-to guy. Jim specified our timeline, told us what to expect, and then his construction manager would text us when work crews would be on our property. The process went smoothly and on schedule most of the time. There were two occasions when sub-contractors didn't fulfill their assignments, and Jason stepped in to make sure those steps were taken care of properly. "Pool school" - teaching us to operate the equipment on our own - was a bit of a blur for us. The pool is beautiful.
Description of work: New pool with spa
Robin Paoli
Back in January 2016, my wife and I embarked on a journey (and I would like to stress this word) on selecting a company to build a new pool and spa for us. We really had nothing in our backyard at the time except grass so we were looking for something which would aesthetically enhance our backyard as well as provide fun for our children for many years. We began reaching out to several pool builders who service the Katy area. We met with 3 different pool builders over about a week period. I would highly suggest spreading these meetings out over several days and don't try and meet with multiple builders in the same day. You will be exhausted after that day for sure. Jim Burkhart from Pools Plus was the last builder to meet with us and boy did we save the best for last. The second builder we met with treated us like another number on a spreadsheet and it didn't seem like they really needed or wanted our business. The first builder we met with made every attempt to gain our business but the price was just not right for what we were wanting to spend. Now back to Jim. Jim came in our kitchen and sat down with us. You could tell he had done this many times. He began walking through his presentation, and yes he had a presentation, and proceeded to blow us away with his knowledge of pools and everything you could ever want to know about pools. Buying a pool is much like buying a car in that you have to select all the bells and whistles but as you do the price goes higher and higher. You really have to decide between different quality of products like decking, copying, tile, etc, different products to keep your pool clean, etc. Jim helped us with his past experience select what he thought would be best for our pool and what might not make sense or wasn't worth it. My wife and I left the meeting with Jim knowing he was the one. Between price and overall knowledge, Pools Plus by far took the cake. We liked how Pools Plus had most of what we wanted in their “pool package” and any upgrades were easy to understand the price and we didn’t feel there would be any surprises. Jim provided all his documentation on a nice and neat flash drive. In this technological day and age, this was refreshing to not have to juggle pages of material. My wife and I sat down that night and reviewed much of the documentation and material Jim provided and decided to move forward with the project. The construction manager called daily to follow-up on how things were going and was always accessible if we had questions or concerns. One thing to remember is when they start building, you might say to yourself that you just want your yard back to normal because it is kind of chaotic but just remember the end goal and the beautiful pool and backyard you will have once it is all done. Another frustrating part of the process is the weather. Be prepared to have days where it rains and work cannot be done. We had a few such days but just be patient with the process. Pools Plus is prepared for these days and will even come out and flash gunite where they dig to prevent mud and water run-off. Also, be sure to review the plan and process with your neighbor. Their yard will be impacted and with delays and all it can seem like a long time. Ensure they understand you will repair all damage and in a timely manner. Once the pool was complete, my wife and I were blown away. Our backyard had been transformed from a patch of green grass to an oasis. Please take a look at the pictures. Pools Plus rose above and beyond our expectations. As with any large construction projects we had a couple issues. The first issue was a couple months after the pool was complete part of our decking looked like the stamped concrete had lost patches of color. Pools Plus came in and redid the entire stamped concrete so it would look uniform, they didn’t just fix the area in question at no charge to us. We are beyond happy with the dedication to the quality of product they deliver and the pool and decking is beautiful, just what we wanted. I feel this is the key part of Pools Plus that should stand out, even after they were essentially done with the project they resolved issues that arose to ensure our satisfaction. If you choose to begin the journey of building a pool, Jim, the team at Pools Plus are a partner you can trust and rely on.
Description of work: New pool and spa, PCC 2000
William Donaldson
We could not be more satisfied with the project. It took us a while to write the review because we just had a new addition to the family and it was busy to say the least but have always wanted to post it because we would recommend Pools Plus to friends and family. Pools Plus designated Jason as the project manager to keep us informed and at ease during the construction and we were so happy with Jason. We were able to text/ call/ email him with any concerns and he would respond right away. Jason even dealt with not so friendly neighbors and kept them satisfied. Thankfully everything went as planned and a year later we don't have any regrets or anything major we wish we would have done differently.
Description of work: New pool with Spa, PCC 2000, rock waterfall, Patio cover and Outdoor Kitchen
Lillyam Phillips
"Pools Plus installed our pool in 2015 and the service and reliability continues to shine. They are helpful with information and quick to respond to our calls or emails. Anytime Pools Plus initiates a warranty claim, Pentair (pool equipment company) addresses the issue promptly. Not one nightmare experience! Our home flooded due to Harvey and Pools Plus cleaned up and restored the pool’s finish as soon as they could get to our backyard. If only we could have lived in our pool after the flood! Our home was a disaster but the pool looked immaculate. I can’t thank this honest, dependable company enough for the continued great customer service (even years later)."
Nicole S.
Could not have had a better experience with Pools Plus. They came in and consulted ideas/designs that met my requests. The construction was prompt and done with a high level of quality. They followed up construction with a how to "pool school" that showed us exactly how to treat and maintain our new pool. Jim and his contruction manager Jason was along for the along for the ride every step of the way. We love our new pool and the ability to entertain on there design!
Phillip Wagner, Katy
November 1, 2013
Installed approx. 11,000 gallon in-ground pool including service after installation (pool school and warranty). We are very satisfied with our experience with Pools Plus. Price, punctuality and quality were all excellent and we strongly recommend them.
Jarka & Brent Pharis, Houston Heights
November 1, 2013
Jim designed a beautiful pool for us. He went over all the details and there were few surprises during construction. We had a fairly complex pool project with a beach entrance, large spa, large rock waterfall, PCC 2000 in-pool cleaning system, remote controls, Wet Edge surface, as well as a Fast Lane swimming system. Jim also has a gazebo designed and built for the pool area. Jason was the construction manager. He kept us well informed of daily events even though there were some scheduling delays. Most of the sub-contractors were very professional and created high quality results. The last two weeks seemed to last forever when we could see it coming together but the weather and scheduling conspired to slow things a bit. Not too surprising considering how busy the pool construction business has been this year. This complex project was completed in 2 months at the cost on the contract. We did add a few items during the project, but Jim and Jason were up for the changes and all went well. We only had issues with two subs that did not clean up in a timely fashion. Jason gave us a good final session with instructions on how to use the pool to its fullest. Pools Plus designed and built a quality pool and gazebo that will last us for years! We are very pleased with the results and highly recommend Jim, Jason, and Pools Plus.
Robin Hargrove Fulshear, TX
June 17, 2013
Pools Plus designed and constructed a residential pool for our backyard. We call on Pools Plus to answer questions regarding the maintenance of our pool and to fix and issues related to the pool. Pools Plus handled all the paperwork needed by our HOA in order to gain approval for pool construction which was a relief for us. Construction began in early May. We had an issue with rain causing the deep end wall to collapse during the gunnite process. Jim handled the situation very well and the original pool design was kept intact without any defects to the structural integrity of the pool. The construction schedule was followed and the pool was completed on time. Jim was open to our ideas about design and materials and helped give us advice which was appreciated. We have loved the pool. We used it extensively thru the summer and have continued to use the spa when the weather turned cooler. Jim has responded to all of our issues with the pool equipment and maintenance. We would highly recommend Jim and Pools Plus to anyone looking to put a pool in their backyard.
Kim Taggart, Katy
May 6, 2013
Jim spent many hours with us upfront designing and explaining the construction process. During execution, the subcontractors were professional and performed work within prescribed time frame. All follow up issues were promptly addressed by Jason, who is Jim,s on site manager. We are very pleased with how everything turned out and receive positive feedback from all our guests.
Nooresha Biabani Katy, TX
April 21, 2013
Jim Burkhart with Pools Plus crawled over hot coals to earn our business. My wife and I are detail oriented, cost conscious, and had a specific vision for our first backyard pool. Jim patiently sweated the details alongside us, provided estimates on multiple options, revised 3-D computer-drawn images, and visited stone and tile suppliers with us. We benchmarked his costs against three other builders and found Pools Plus to be cost-competitive. But it was really Jim's personality and dedication to our project that endeared him to us. The pool build occurred with military precision. Jim personally supervised every stage of construction and ensured we were satisfied before moving on. He rallied his crews to finish before our Thanksgiving deadline so we could enjoy the pool with our extended family. It has been 3 months since our pool was built and he's been there to provide service, support, and answer questions along the way. We couldn't be more happy with the execution and follow-up from Pools Plus. If you are looking for a dedicated and experienced builder to make your pool plans a reality, this is the company for you.
Robert Moore Katy, TX
February 12, 2013
Pool Plus built my beautiful pool and did it in a great timing. Very happy with their performance and would do it again. Overall, a good experience. I was happy with the quality/timing of their work. Happy with the results and certainly would have them do it over again. Really appreciated Jim's professionalism and hard work. Job well done!!!!
John Stansel Katy, TX
July 16, 2013
Jim built a custom pool with an 8' deep end and a 3 1/2' shallow end and a shelf for the little ones. All the equipment was installed and tested, which includes the pump and filter system and an ozone generator, we did not go with a heater. Jim had us swimming in three weeks! Some of the equipment didn't ship on time (not Jim's fault) so it took a little longer than four weeks to completely finish. Jim is a scheduling master, the subs followed each other and the schedule didn't slip, except for the shipping problems.
Kris McCarthy Katy, TX
November 12, 2012
Great Experience!!! – Lawn to pool in 3 weeks!!!! We researched several pool companies and ultimately landed with Pool Plus, LLC. Jim, the owner, worked with us every step of the way. We had several features that we wanted to be included. He listened and offered some great suggestions on how to make our pool better than we could imagine. He was very responsive, respectful and most importantly he was very punctual. Despite heavy rains the first two days that set the timeline back, he was able to make up the time and deliver our pool on time. He has been very professional when it came to minor adjustments or fixes that we requested. He fixed them promptly. He was very up front an honest about the costs and any additions we wanted to make, so there were no major cost overages. Overall, very pleased, we are happily enjoying our pool and would recommend Jim and Pools Plus, LLC to anyone.
Don Langer Katy, TX Avalon at Cinco Ranch
September 22, 2012
My Wife Edna and I have been very pleased with the service provided to us by Jim Burkhart since he designed and built our custom pool in the spring of 2010. He provided the time required to design the pool that we wanted to enhance our new home. The construction was timely and the quality of the installation was excellent. Our new pool has required minimal service but when we have requested warranty service Jim gas been very prompt to respond to our request. Overall, Edna and I are pleased to have contracted with Jim for the design, installation and maintenance of our new custom built pools at our new home. He has provided us professional and timely service to our satisfaction.
Bob Gutierrez Houston, TX
November 2, 2012
Jim really went above and beyond my expectations. Our pool is excellent and he was there every step to guide us so there were no surprises. I would recommend pools plus to anyone who asks without hesitation. We had a large pool and spa built in our back yard and it really turned out better than we hoped. Everything went smooth except for the weather putting us behind on final touches like sod, but we can't control the weather. Jim kept us informed through the bad weather.
Tom Sleeper Katy, TX
July 24, 2012
Pools Plus is more than outdoor living products. Pools Plus is an outstanding service experience! Every step of the way was the same starting with personal referrals we heard about Pools Plus. No cautions, just excitement and pleasure with their products and service. Pools Plus worked with us using computer visualization and immediately we could see how the pool would appear with our home and yard. The custom design session took about an hour and the design was tuned until it became our dream pool and then emailed to share the excitement with our family. Options were carefully explained and priced. Never did we feel pressured to spend more than needed to and trust was quickly established. The most impressive experience came from the care and attention given during construction. Quality control measurements and checks were conducted every step of the way. Pools Plus gave us special attention and extra care to ensure we were well informed and pleased with their progress. The final result is exceptional, a beautiful pool with top quality workmanship, technology and equipment. Pool school and post build service have also been excellent. It is rare to find such exceptional service. Pools Plus offers many products along with a Pools Plus service experience!
Merv Swan Katy, TX
May 20, 2012
We build our pool and outdoor kitchen with this company. It is beautiful, relaxing and we really enjoy it a lot. We have everything you could need, including a pool bath. It looks so nice, that you can't tell it was an added project to the house. Everything blends with the house structure that seems part of it since the beginning. It was really good working with this company. Jim was always there to answer all our questions. We started the project on time and finished it on 4 weeks!! He gave us good advice in everything, including how to build it and adjust it to our budget. I like the 3D program he used to show us the design so we were able to imagine it since the first moment. The pool and outdoor kitchen is so nice that even my neighbor said ". You don't need to go on vacation now, you have it all on your backyard". Everything went smooth and we had good communication. I always knew what was going on.I really enjoy our backyard, I liked the work they did!
Raphael Graham Katy, TX
June 28, 2012
Pools Plus built us a dream pool with spa that my daughter loves and spends every day in. The pool was completed in 21 calendar days from the day of excavation to the day it was filled. The owner Jim is a delight to work with. He updated us at least once daily. Everything was kept orderly. The crews were courteous and quality oriented. The finished product is better than we expected. Best of all the pool has a Pentair Intelliflo multispeed pump. We have not noticed any significant increase in our electrical bills. I would strongly recommend Pools Plus LLC.
Kelly Rogers Katy, TX
May 16, 2012
“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for doing such a great job on our pool. Your attention to detail and focus on quality made the entire build process an enjoyable one. We had owned a pool before in Dallas, about 10 years ago, and I swore I’d never own another one. Seems every time I turned around, we were having one problem or another. So when we decided to look at adding a pool to our new house here in Katy, we made sure to go slow, ask a lot of questions, and get several bids from different pool companies. We looked at several companies and your company Pools Plus. Every pool company we met had a reason for why we should go with them, and they each came to the table with a design they felt would meet our needs. I two companies after I saw the software (Pool Studio) that you used to design pools. Seeing our entire pool in 3D, at the exact elevation, with the house and landscaping was nothing less than amazing. That set you apart from the last company was your customer service and determination to give us the design we wanted, not the one you thought we should have. You spent many evenings at our home putting me at ease with the new construction process, materials used and ultimate final product you would produce for us. Our goal was to have a pool that blended in with the style of our home and gave a sense of being at a resort. You gladly took my input and used your skills on the computer to show me what the final outcome would look like. Other than the design talent, what set you far apart from your competition was your overall knowledge of pool building, experience building pools in Houston as well as other parts of the country including Phoenix, AZ, and your unwavering demand for quality workmanship, quality materials and proven construction techniques used during the build. I have no doubt that our pool will last a very long time and maintenance will be minimal. Above all else, Jim, I appreciate how you handled my extremely meticulous wife Michele. You returned her calls immediately, and showed her you would handle any curve balls that surprised us during construction and would quickly address any question or concerns she had. She knew she could count on you and that took a huge worry off my shoulders. We were “nervous nellies” and you didn’t once make us feel we were bugging you in any way. I appreciate that! Thanks again for the great job and please feel free to pass my comments on to your other potential customers.”
Chuck Gleason Katy, TX
April 30, 2010
“We first came into contact with Jim Burkhart in February 2005. We were in the process of building our home in Seven Meadows and we wanted to be very proactive on our pool construction. In this time frame we were “kicking the tires” on several pool companies operating in the Katy area and we quickly became very impressed. Jim significantly differentiated his company from the others through a combination of state-of-the-art technology and pool construction know-how. Jim was able to coordinate our pool building exactly with the closing on our house. We closed on April 22, and that same afternoon, Jim’s team marked out the pool and began digging the very next day, a Saturday. Jim put us on a fast track that included lots of his own time from a quality control standpoint. There were unexpected turns in the road, but his active involvement ensured that we remained on track. When points came up that got us off plan, Jim made sure we knew about them and he helped us understand the benefits of making minor modifications. An example of this was adding more rock to the waterfall and rear of the pool area than anticipated. Over the last couple of months, we have had some challenges, but Jim and team’s responsiveness made these slight wrinkles instead of major problems. Everything is solved in real time and we, as the customers, stayed very satisfied. Jim’s trusted advisor approach is what other businesses and trades in the Katy area do not have. That’s a key strength for Jim and one of the key reasons why we recommend him. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the overall quality of the pool and spa. Great stuff! We are VERY happy! Looks way better than we ever envisioned and we have a pretty good imagination! Check out the photos on the website. PS. Come by to see our pool!”
Dan & Jacqueline Ranta Katy, TX
October 25, 2006
We met Jim for the first time when we were shopping for a pool for our new house in 2003. By that time we had already checked half a dozen different pool companies. He showed up at our house and gave an absolutely outstanding presentation about his pool design for our house that included the PCC 2000 in-floor cleaning system. The fate of our pool was decided. The following day we came made the commitment and that was the beginning of a very enjoyable time of being a pool owner. Since this was our first pool, we were really concerned with amount of time and efforts required to maintain our pool. The PCC 2000 cleaning system completely solved our problems. After 3.5 years of having our pool I can say that it takes me only minutes a week to clean out the baskets and check the chemicals. My pool is always clean and is a subject of envy of my friends and neighbors. Jim, thank you very much for building us beautiful and low-maintenance pool!
Elena & Michael Rabinovich Houston TX
July 22, 2006